‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed

What a journey this book took me on…

I’ve read and enjoyed travel writing  before, with the likes of Michael Palin and Bill Bryson on my ‘read and ravaged’ list.  ‘Wild’ was something altogether different.

Strayed takes us with her on a journey up the West coast of America, walking the Pacific Crest Trail from California to the border between Oregon and Washington.  As someone with no hiking experience at the start of her journey, she describes the trials and tribulations of walking solo for a total of 1,100 miles.

While reading about how she tackles the journey is interesting enough, the real crux of the novel centres around her spiritual journey – how this epic walk helped her to return to her normal self and forgive herself for a life gone off the rails after her mother died.

Uplifting and eye-opening, this novel left me with nothing but admiration for Strayed, and a little travel-envy.  Perhaps one day I’ll attempt to do something so magnificent – I hope I have Strayed’s strength and determination if I do.

Wild 2


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