Creepy Crochet – Spooky Pumpkins for the Halloween Season

Half term has arrived and the clocks are going back tonight.  It must be time to prepare for Halloween!

Although this is a holiday that enjoys lots of popularity in America, the fervour for all things spooky has spread through the UK like creeping ivy over the last few years.  And it’s great to get involved in the festivities. Last year, we carved our first pumpkin and left it out on the doorstep for decoration, and I’m excited to do this again this year.  I was surprised by how easy and fun this was to do – an internet template, spoon, metal skewer and carving knife was all we needed to create our masterpiece.

Not only will we have pumpkins on our doorstep this year, but we’ll also them in our living room too, in the form of crochet creations.  I’ve been crocheting for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love it.  I’ve known how to knit for years, but I find that crocheting provides a much quicker result, and with my time limited this seems to be working better for me.  Not only this, but it seems that the possibilities for crochet makes are endless.

I follow quite a few crochet channels on YouTube, and a firm favourite for crochet at the moment is Bella Coco – – her videos are easy to follow and she uploads projects that always intrigue and inspire.  A recent one was ‘How to crochet a pumpkin’, and as soon as this went up I was inspired to create some for my Halloween decorations.

Here are my results.  I made a couple of small ones, and then adapted the pattern to make the pumpkins larger.  I’m so pleased with the results, and these little beauties will be sitting proud on my fireplace on the run up to Halloween.

DSCF1275 DSCF1290


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