Cute Strawberry Baby Hats and How-Tos On YouTube

Knitting has always been a part of my life.  Mum taught me the basics when I was very little, and I remember attempting to make a pink dress for one of my dollies.  It didn’t work out too well, needless to say, and Mum ended up finishing it for me.  Mum knitted lots of things for us growing up, including green school cardigans when we were in primary school.  She was a pro, and I’ve spent years wondering how she got so good at it.

For example, how did she know what all those obscure acronyms meant on a knitting pattern?  How did she correct any mistakes?  How did she automatically know what the finished article should look like?

As an adult, it’s only recently that I’ve started to understand all those fundamental things about knitting, and it’s mainly thanks to the internet.  Watching how-to videos on YouTube is the key to how I have improved my knitting skills over the last few years.  I learnt to crochet through YouTube and I massively improved how I knit.  The great thing about knitting (and crochet) tutorials on YouTube is that I can pause and rewind as many times as I like, and have the confidence while I’m watching that my project looks the same as the one being made on the video.  Plus I can compare what I’m doing to a written pattern, and this has been indispensable.  I finally know what most of those acronyms mean and how to apply them to the project I’m working on.  Hoorah!

Watching videos on YouTube also means I can complete a project in full, and I hadn’t knitted a whole project in a long time.  Squares for a blanket yes, but a whole finished product no.

Enter Studio Knit  and a quirky lady called Kristen who taught me how to knit in the round.  I didn’t even know what circular needles were for before her channel, and would never have attempted to use them without some serious research.  In the month of October, Kristen uploaded 5 videos in 5 days that guided you through how to make a Strawberry Baby Hat.  These hats are so cute and colourful that I just had to have a go.  Each step took me about as long as each video is to do, and I ended up with a project I’m truly proud of.  I didn’t make this with a particular baby in mind, so it’s sitting on my shelf in my wardrobe ready for a moment of gift inspiration.

Hopefully you will agree with how adorable this hat is, and perhaps it will inspire you to make one of your own.  Knit away, knit away!



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