Making a House a Home: A Small Step on the Road to Making it Ours

We moved into our house in July 2014, thrilled to have bought our first home together and excited to make it ours.  Neither hubby or I are DIY buffs, so we were always looking for a house that didn’t require a total overhaul.  We wanted something that felt like home already, but just needed our own personal stamp put on it.  And we could learn how to do the personal stamp bit, surely?

Needless to say, our house needed nothing doing to it when we moved in, and we could happily live in it as it was for quite some time.  After all, saving for our wedding was our priority at that point.  We were getting married in May and going on honeymoon in July, so we needed to do some serious saving.









After the wedding and the honeymoon, we could finally draw our attention to making our house a home, and this was good timing, as we had started to notice little things that needed our attention and had had some inspiration for how we wanted to transform it into the Mallard residence.

First thing on the list – carpets!  For some reason when we moved in there was laminate floor down in the living room and in all three bedrooms. Now, I know what the positives of having laminate floor can be, but we wanted warmth and comfort, especially in the winter, and a laminate floor wasn’t delivering this.  So we decided to have the laminate ripped up in the living room and our bedroom and carpet put down.

Finding someone to do it wasn’t that hard.  Hubby’s parents had recently had their whole house re-carpeted by a lovely guy called Nick who was local to them, so it was a no-brainer that we’d do the same.  This is one of the problems to overcome when you’re a DIY novice – knowing trades that you can trust.  After all, who wants someone who’ll do a shoddy job or who’ll massively overcharge you?  That’s why it’s always good to find these trades through word of mouth – if they’ve done a good job for someone you know, it stands to reason they’ll do the same for you.

After picking out the carpet we wanted and booking it in to be done, we turned our attention to the matter of wanting new sofas in the living room.  We had a corner sofa that we’d brought in Homebase for the flat we’d rented the year before, and although there was nothing wrong with it, it was too small for our new living room.  We looked around lots of different sofa retailers and finally found the sofas we wanted from DFS. They were very reasonably priced, had good reviews and guaranteed to deliver in time for Christmas.  Plus we could pay the full amount through the website or set up a credit agreement to pay later.  Their 4 years interest free credit deal is really useful, and we definitely would have used it if we hadn’t had savings to pay for it.

We plumped for two three-seater fabric sofas in a teal colour – called ‘Pizzazz’, these sofas came in 11 different colours and had a real modern feel to them.  DFS also offered Eaziglide feet for the sofas – for an extra
£15 per sofa you could add feet which meant that the sofas would be easy to move around, a blessing when it comes to keeping the room clean.

We ordered them on October 26th and they came on the 14th November – I was really impressed with the delivery times.  They were delivered and unpacked within minutes and they completely transformed the room, giving it a new lease of life.  The new sofas are super comfy and we really like the colour.  The room feels brighter, cosier and homey – exactly what we wanted.

The carpets were fitted yesterday, and the living room is now looking more the way we want it to.  There’s still a lot to do – we’d like to paint, wallpaper a feature wall and get new curtains, amongst other things – but we’re certainly on the road now to making this house our own – hooray!



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