YouTube Channels I’m Obsessed With!


So I thought after posting my first YouTube video this week, I’d write about why I did it in the first place.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but up until about a year ago I only used YouTube to research things for work or to watch something funny that had come up on my Facebook timeline.  And I know there are going to be loads of you who read this and say ‘Where had you been all that time?’. I know, believe me, I’d been missing out up until this point.

Because although YouTube is great for research, the reason I visit the site on a daily basis now is to watch normal people talk about things and have experiences that I can relate to and connect with.

I was thinking only the other day how good it would have been for me, and no doubt countless others, to have something like YouTube available when I was a teenager.  Because I think it provides lots of people with role models – people to look up to, but also people that are having exactly the same experiences as you.  People who provide the ‘I so get that!’ moments for those who watch them. And this is the whole reason I started my channel (and my blog) in the first place – to share my passions and connect with others.

And so, I thought I’d share with you 5 YouTube channels that I go back to again and again for quality videos and inspiring content.

  1. PeruseProject – A channel for reading inspiration.  Regan posts weekly videos about what she’s reading, what books she’s bought recently, as well as other fun book-related stuff. She’s so enthusiastic about reading and I’ve picked up loads of new reading ideas based on watching her videos.
  2. Bella Coco – When I got into crocheting, Sarah-Jayne’s channel provided the inspiration and how-to help I needed to get excited about this fabulous craft.  Her how-to videos are really well put together and you can follow what she is doing really easily.  I have made a few projects that she’s uploaded videos on, and I will no doubt make more based on her recommendations in the future.
  3. vlogbrothers – This is a channel run by John Green (the author of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’) and his brother Hank.  They post two 3-4 minute videos a week where they talk about the world and their views on it.  The videos are really topical, provide laugh out loud moments and always leave me pondering what my opinion is and wanting to find out more.
  4. Meg Says – I’ve only just recently discovered Meg’s channel and I’m already in love with it.  Her video ‘Ten Things I’ve Learnt About YouTube in One Year‘ was the one I watched first, and it reminded me of all the reasons I started my own YouTube channel, and made me want to do it even more.  Her channel is only a year old, but her down to earth nature and her friendly approach will leave you wanting to watch more.
  5. Fleur DeForce – This is my go-to channel for all things beauty and make-up at the moment.  Fleur posts weekly videos giving advice on products she uses, as well as her thoughts on new products.  I have added quite a few items to my beauty Pinterest board based on watching her videos – I just need to get around to buying them now!

I’d love to know what YouTube channels you all religiously watch – leave me your comments below!


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