Makeup and Skincare Reorganisation

If you’ve watched my video on My Current Skincare Routine on my YouTube channel (and if you haven’t, you need to check it out!), you’ll know that I talked about wanting to try out new things with my skincare routine as I’ve been a bit neglectful of this area of my life for a while now.

Filming this video got me thinking about the skincare products and makeup I own at the moment and whether I actually needed and used some of them.  It’s certainly been a while since I’ve had a clear out.

So one Sunday morning I went through all the products I owned, sorting through what I used and really liked, and getting rid of the old stuff that’d been sitting around for ages and that I clearly didn’t need anymore.

A clear out like this is just so satisfying.  Reorganising after I’d thrown away all the old stuff meant that my products were a lot more accessible and easy to see, hopefully meaning that I’ll get much more use out of them.  It also meant that I could have a think about what I didn’t have and needed, and what I’d bought in the past and shouldn’t bother rebuying again. Makeup and skincare products can be really expensive so it’s so important that you actually buy things that you’re going to get a lot of use out of (something I seem to have glossed over in the past).

Here are my reorganised product drawers.  I’m loving the new look!



10 thoughts on “Makeup and Skincare Reorganisation

  1. LOVE reorganization!
    I wanted to know if you knew of any places nearby you that you could donate very gently used products to? Often times when I’m reorganizing I have products I’ve swatched once or twice that were not my colour or right texture and it’s just been sitting there! That’s one of the most heartbreaking things about cleaning out your makeup closet, the amount of products you see that you haven’t used!


    • Hi there, thanks so much for your comment. I don’t know of anywhere locally I could take them, but I will keep an eye out. Usually if I’m getting rid of a product that doesn’t suit me I’ll try and give it to someone I know that might find it more suitable. Everyone’s skin is different so I’d like to think it’d work for somebody else. If I know a product has gone out of date, I don’t think it’s a good idea to pass it on.


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