Review: Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

IMG_0087 (2)

Maybelline have recently launched their new Falsies Push Up Drama mascara, a step up perhaps from their Falsies mascara.

I picked this up on Boots after having heard a few good things about it on Twitter and watching a Beauty’s Big Sister video where she applies it for the first time on YouTube. I was intrigued, especially as it had been a while since I’d tried a new mascara.

The packaging is really pretty, with the metallic red and pink perfect for this time of year.  The bristles on the brush are cup-shaped to boost and thicken lashes, and the formula itself is designed to plump and volumise your lashes with a Styling Wax included to keep lashes in place.

I’ve used this mascara quite a few times now and really like it.  It gives my lashes lots of volume and drama, giving a intense but sultry look.  You can apply more than one coat of this, but I tend to stick to one as I prefer a more natural look to my mascara in general.

The only things I don’t like about this product are that it can be a little bit clumpy at times, but you can work this out with a cotton bud pretty easily.  Also, I get a little bit of falldown as the day wears on, but this may be down to the fact that my eyes can be watery at times.

Overall, a solidly good mascara which I’d give 4 out of 5 stars to.


IMG_0071 (2)IMG_0077 (2)IMG_0065 (2)IMG_0081 (2)4 out of 5 stars










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