Getting my fitness on!

Getting my fitness on

One of my goals for 2016 was to improve my fitness.  And guess what?  In true Lindsi style, I haven’t done a thing about this one yet.

I seriously cannot be bothered when it comes to exercise.  I’ve pondered a few ideas over the last two months and thought about stuff I might do, but haven’t actually done it.

Truth is, exercise has always been a problem for me in my adult life.  As a kid, I went to swimming club and did dance classes every week, and I loved it.  It was fun, and I didn’t think about it as exercise, which is why I went back week after week fully enthusiastic about what I was doing. Because it wasn’t exercise, it was having fun.

Since becoming an adult, and knowing that I should keep active and healthy, most forms of exercise just don’t appeal to me.  I’ve gone years without doing much at all, and now when I attempt to do anything immediately my brain (and my husband!) screams at me: YOU CAN’T DO IT! YOU’RE SO UNFIT!

I think part of the problem as well is my asthma.  I have mild asthma, and I only take an inhaler when I need to rather than daily, but it flares up on two occasions: during hayfever season, and when I exercise.  When I go for a medication review at the doctors, and I’m asked to do a peak flow test, the doctor is always shocked at my lung capacity, and my husband is always laughing at me when I’m out of breath after going up some stairs (have you tried using the stairs at Covent Garden station? Nightmare!).  Therefore, a lot of the time, I associate exercise with being extremely out of breath and uncomfortable and this doesn’t appeal to me either.

However, all this being said, I do know how important it is to keep fit and active, and there are parts of my body that I would love to tone up more so I feel better about myself.  So this week, I set about researching exercise I could do at home that would be high impact and not take up too much time.  These are the four exercise plans I’m going to try out over the next four weeks and see how I get on.  I’m looking for ease of use, high impact, short burst of time and to see results as quickly as possible.  I weighed myself this morning and noted down all of my measurements so I can hopefully chart the difference these four weeks make later.

Make sure you check back for my post on how it all goes!

1) Seven

This is a 7 minute high intensity workout.  Initially when you download the app you can only do the full body workout which involves 30 seconds bursts of activities followed by 10 seconds of rest time.  If you do the 7 minutes every day you unlock extra workouts to do, plus other achievements to keep you motivated.

2) FitStar Personal Trainer

This app comes with a basic, free option or a paid, premium option.  The basic option includes two free workouts a week that can be customised to suit your training needs.  It asks for some personal info at the start and for you to do a fitness test and then you can get going.  The workouts are short and designed to increase your strength and confidence.

3) Workout Trainer by Skimble

This app asks you what your fitness goals are at the start and then suggests workouts that will help you achieve them.  There are a variety of different workouts to do, including Cardio Boxer and Restore and Relax, all relatively short and designed for impact.

4) TheBodyCoach HIIT training

We recently purchased Joe Wick’s ‘Lean in 15’ cookbook which includes HIIT training exercises at the back to try.  Plus, Joe has his own YouTube channel called TheBodyCoachTV where he has posted other workout videos and some recipes.

Check back soon to see how I get on!


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